How to Shape your Bottom and Shrink your Middle

Trends in fashion, body shape and image are constantly changing. Gone are the ‘Barbie days’ when women were only considered beautiful if they had a full bust, long hair and an almost non-existent butt. Not only was the look highly difficult to achieve, but often unrealistic in its portrayal of what a healthy woman looks like. Now, curves in all the right places are celebrated and nothing could have prepared us for the popularity of the ‘Kardashian’ figure. Having a rounded butt and slim waist is so on-trend that in 2015 there was a butt-implant procedure performed every 30 minutes of every day.

But we’d like to tell you a secret. You don’t need butt implants, waist trainers or extreme diet changes to achieve the Kim and Chloe look. All you need to do is perform the correct exercises to enhance or shrink all the right parts of your body. Combine these exercises with a healthy supplement routine and you’ll be feeling fantastic while turning heads on the beach in no time.

Here are our tips:

Move the focus to your core

Your core is essentially your middle, consisting of your waist, thighs, pelvic floor and butt. To achieve the look you want, you’ll need to incorporate core exercises into your workout routine so that you can enhance and shape the key muscles. Bicycle crunches are a fantastic core exercise. For this, you lay on your back on the floor, hands placed behind your head and knees bent, and draw your left elbow inwards towards your belly button (with your hand still placed behind your head as you do so) while simultaneously bringing your right knee up to meet your elbow somewhere above your waist. You then move back into your starting position and repeat with the opposite limbs. This basic move tightens your abdominal muscles, burns fat from your middle and strengthens and shapes the glute muscles. Other core exercises include lunges, weighted squats, sit ups and crunches, all of which can be performed in a gym, on the beach or in the comfort of your own home or garden.

Spend more time on your glutes

Your glutes (gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and the gluteus minimus)are the three muscles that make up the structure of your bottom. Unlike your bust, which notoriously shrinks with the more exercise you do, your butt will do the opposite and grow as it’s worked, simply due to the sheer volume of muscle in that area. So, to achieve a rounded, firm shape, you want to build muscle slowly. The good news is, you can do this while burning unsightly fat simultaneously. For example, long distance cycling (or even just integrating a cycle ride into your normal day) can help to burn calories while working the glute muscles and strengthening your core and balance. But alongside this, you may want to think about performing weighted squats or jumping squats so that these muscles bulk out and become shapelier. Remember, the stronger you become in that area, the more weights you should stack into your regime. This will help your muscles to grow even bigger until you achieve your desired look.

Watch your calorie intake

To achieve a smaller, tighter waist, you need to burn fat from around your middle, which can only be achieved if your energy intake is less than your energy outtake. This means engaging in regular cardio such as swimming, cycling or jogging and keeping an eye on what you’re putting into your body. Counting calories doesn’t need to be difficult but splurging too often might hinder your progress and make it harder to shift those love handles. Use our recipes section to discover delicious, low calorie recipes that will enhance your workout and boost your energy without piling on pounds. You can also keep a food and drink diary which will help you to stay in control. And if you find yourself hungry for one too many snacks, consider using the Luxe Fat Burner Plus which contains inulin, a substance that reduces your cravings and helps you to feel fuller for longer.

Remember, you don’t need surgery, extreme diets or fashion tricks to give yourself a rounder butt and smaller waist. All you need to do is adapt your workout routine and calorie intake so that you burn fat from your middle while maximising the potential of your glutes and core muscles.

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Emma Rowlands is a professional writer with a passion for health and science. Emma has years of experience working in the diet and lifestyle sector including for the UK celebrity diet club The Hairy Bikers Diet Club. Emma is part way through an undergraduate health science degree.

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