How Can I Lose Thigh Fat?

If you have concerns about the way your thighs look in a bathing suit, you are not alone. An alarmingly high number of surveyed women cite this as one of the areas of their bodies they hate the most, causing a lack of personal and social confidence and a temptation to pick clothing that covers the areas instead of showing it off. But why should you be forced to feel that way when there’s a simple solution? Whatever your age or measurements, reducing thigh fat is not as problematic as you might think and comes down to combining the right lower body cardiovascular exercise and strength training with a scientifically sound spread of nutritional supplements. Read on to discover more…

Choose the right cardiovascular exercise for you

You already know that cardiovascular exercise is good for you. Numerous studies have linked this form of exercise to lower cholesterol, reduced cancer risk and better sleep, among many other physical and emotional benefits. But did you know that certain types of cardiovascular exercise are better for burning thigh fat than others? Before we discuss this, it’s important to know how cardiovascular exercise burns fat in general.

You should think of your body fat as energy stores. When you are stationary, minimal energy is required for you to function. Cardiovascular exercise raises your heart rate and works your muscles for a prolonged period of time, causing your cells to make a type of ‘fuel’ called ATP. This process requires your body to tap into blood sugar stores, but when these run low, your fat stores will be broken down and used instead, causing the fat on your body to reduce.

Choosing cardiovascular exercises that work the lower half of your body is particularly beneficial. Examples might include swimming, cycling or running, but can extend to more recreational activities like Zumba, Boxercise and trampolining. You can also create every-day cardiovascular exercise for yourself in the home. A simple step-up routine while watching your favourite soap opera can burn as many as 600 calories per hour. Walking the dog or even opting to cycle to work instead of taking public transport can also help integrate lower body cardiovascular into your day. And the great news is, any cardiovascular activity you enjoy will give you a broader result than just thigh-fat burning. You can expect to see a slimmer middle, face and bottom too!

Try lower body strength training exercise

Burning thigh fat through cardiovascular exercise is the quickest and simplest method when slimming down, but it’s also good to tone and strengthen your thighs so that they look much more swimsuit-ready. Lower body strength training exercises can be completed at your local gym or in your home and might include weighted squats and lunges, leg lifts or jumping squats. Squats are especially good for toning and strengthening your quadriceps, hamstrings and calves, as well as your central core muscles, which will lend you extra support when you complete cardiovascular exercises like swimming or running. When attempting strength training for the first time, or after an extended period of absence from exercise, begin with a low weight (or no weight at all) and then incorporate weights into your routine gradually. Investing in a set of multiple dunbell or kettle bell weights is recommended. Also, always remember to schedule rest days from strength training to give your muscles time to recover.

Add more weight-loss friendly nutrients into your diet

Whether you’re partaking in cardiovascular or weight training exercise to burn thigh fat, it is important that your diet supports your regime. As we discussed previously, your body stores fat as energy and burns this energy through exercise. However, if you intake more energy than you burn, it’s likely you won’t notice your thighs slim down as rapidly as you wish. High-protein meals provide ample amino acids to aid weight loss and repair muscle. You’d also be wise to avoid simple sugars (eg. white flour, table sugar) and instead opt for slow-releasing, complex carbohydrates such as those found in sweet potatoes, legumes and wholegrains. To gain maximum nutritional support pre and post workout,  you can incorporate protein powders and supplements into smoothies, main meals and desserts.Of particular interest to you might be the Luxe Fat Burning Protein Powdercontaining green tea extract, L-Carnitine and BCAA’s. This will help your body to burn fat stores with greater efficiency, helping you achieve an optimal beach-bod and gain maximum confidence about your appearance and overall health.

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Emma Rowlands is a professional writer with a passion for health and science. Emma has years of experience working in the diet and lifestyle sector including for the UK celebrity diet club The Hairy Bikers Diet Club. Emma is part way through an undergraduate health science degree.

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